Welcome to BDSMinfo @ Tumblr

Welcome to BDSMinfo.tumblr.com. This blog has the following goals:

  • To be a BDSM resource for the community here and beyond
  • Offer links to BDSM info and resources
  • Offer BDSM directory of links to promote Tumblrs related to BDSM (user submitted)
  • Safety Tips
  • Info on toys, tools: i.e. bondage, rope play, violet wands, wax play, restraints, etc.
  • Tips to finding local BDSM scenes and resources
  • FAQs
  • Help people navigate the BDSM universe, and filter and connect to partners more effectively
  • Offer a chat room for Tumblr BDSM folks to chat live

I’m hoping to see others contribute and co-moderate this blog, and to maybe see a chat room associated with this so people can chat in real time more easily with other tumblr kinksters. 

Tumblr is growing fast and there is already a large but informal community of BDSM kinksters on here. There are literally tens of thousands of BDSM related images posted and archived on blogs here, and blogs that discuss BDSM relationships and play, and people who post erotic stories along these lines.

Whether you are new to BDSM or have been around the the block and explored it for a while there are surely things you don’t know and resources out there you’d find useful and interesting.

My impression is that there are a lot of people on tumblr finding their first exposure to BDSM ideas and imagery and many people curious to explore or understand it more even if they don’t know much about it or aren’t sure if it’s for them. Let’s make this a warm, welcoming and safe place for people to explore on tumblr, and to grow here.

Every day on tumblr you can see real emotions, real relationships, real stories and photos - this is a place where people come and learn and grow, whether they intend or even realize that. Let’s make this a community instead of just a bunch of loosely linked reblogging tumblr-friends we never really connect with. Let’s have some fun and help others too.

There are also a lot of vanilla people on tumblr stumbling across blogs that expose them to ideas of subs, Doms, bondage, BDSM consensual slavery,  rough sex and kinks and fetishes that they never heard of and my find confusing or offensive without understanding the context of BDSM play as consensual. There are a lot of assumptions and myths. This can be a place to point people to so they can try to understand these things better without judging people involved in BDSM play.

I have a lot of links and old posts I think will be useful here but it will take me some time to work on this. I would love to have this be a community effort from the start and will add your ID with rights to edit/post and moderate submissions if this interests you. 

You get out of things in proportion to what you put into them. If you want to sit around complaining and wondering why no one ever talks to you on tumblr ask yourself how many people you have reached out and said hello to lately. If you want more interactivity here then create it. Here’s a chance. Anyone can help with this project. 

Please feel free to help me get started by telling me what you want see here or think should be be linked to or said here.

Please submit links, tips, and info you think would be useful here.

Contact me if you want to help. Suggestions are welcome also.    

http://BDSMinfo.tumblr.com/submit - also comments, questions, etc.

                                                          - sweetsurrenders